The heartbreak of Christmas!

The news headline flashes: hotels exhibit their costliest Christmas tree worth 11 million dollars or more! And exhibition of the craziest and costliest festival of the world – CHRISTMAS is here !! In another room, the darling daughter Kiara is wearing a beautiful dress and her room is wonderfully designed with a purple wallpaper and […]

Home Again !

If you’re running in life, unaccepting something that happened to you, Get back to where you started, maybe you’ll find your answer. maybe you’ll find your peace.

3 Little precious words

Most commonly used statement in English (also in other languages I’m sure!). But very rarely meant. HOW ARE YOU ? We ask this question to start a conversation or to acknowledge the other. These are 3 little precious words that became kind of important during my stay in Jaipur. Suddenly these words carried meaning that […]