Enjoying solitude

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Recently there was a real hustle – bustle around me about ‘being bored!’ ‘Life isn’t happening’ – sort of complaints. I tried to ponder over those complaints from my colleagues and wondered why I have no such complaints?

It doesn’t mean I’m going on a roller coaster ride in life or I’m travelling the world or I’m partying to my heart’s content – NO!

My life is silent and calm and which may seem very ordinary to many people. It isn’t any colourful – at least on the surface. BUT, I’m content, I’m happy.

Happy with my solitude – that’s what I realized. Have good books to read, thoughtful movies to watch, cook my favourite meal, have close friends who talk about deeper and useful things.

But most importantly, I have enough time to talk to God. May seem very unexpected and ridiculous for any girl of my age. Probably insane too!

But that is what calms me down and keeps me from losing my mind – even when I face storms – unimaginable for my calibre.

And it’s not my own strength that I depend on – It’s on This God – Jesus – who died for me on the cross, proving that He is trustworthy indeed. That’s what keeps me away from fear or loneliness – while I stay alone in a new city – completely independent – paying my bills.

His promise – ‘…Underneath are the everlasting arms.’ – Keeps me going.

I thank Him for each day which comes as a gift from Him, and try to live one day at a time. Enjoying each moment, holding His hand – which was wounded for me, for my sins.


Can you enjoy your solitude?

Can you face yourself?

Why do you run to a crowd, surround yourself with loud music, darkness, beer? Are you blocking your thoughts?

Search your heart…..




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