Time travel !! you’re in?

I was watching a movie about time travel – ‘Back to the future’. One of the old movies about time travelling. Mesmerised by the time travel concept, I was going through the story again in my mind. Time travel may be a hypothetical concept good enough for a movie, but not so for a Christian (I mean. Any person who has accepted Him as a personal Saviour, who has decided to follow Jesus and live like Him.)

Time travelling has a great analogy to Christian life as well. We are time travellers too! And not within time (like most movies), but through it.

We are children of a God who exists beyond time. He gives us (His children) the authority and power that He has (Luke 9:1). So henceforth, we become time travellers .we belong to a place that exists beyond time and for eternity (Heaven). So our travelling through our lives is actually time travelling if you see!

How our perspectives can change if we look to our earthly lives only as temporary, important and a risky assignment. How liberating to live like this?

Here are few lessons I learnt from the time traveller of the movie:

  1. PURPOSE: The time traveller is Purposeful He clearly knew his purpose, he accomplishes it as soon as possible, without wasting a single moment. (Jer 29:!1)
  2. FELLOWSHIP: The time traveller is in constant contact with the designer of time machine, so he does not deviate from his plan, or gets stuck. (John15:1-18)
  3. FAITH: The time traveller has complete faith on his designer and trusts him fully and obeys him. The designer saves him multiple times. (Heb11:1)
  4. SELFLESSNESS: He helps people selflessly, and looks for the best of everyone. But he rarely stops by to get the credit or reward. (Phil 2:4)
  5. HOLINESS: he keeps a safe distance. He is not affected by their ideas or believes. (Rom12:1,2)
  6. ANTICIPATION: He anticipates going back to his original time. He accomplishes the task and gets back to the time machine in time to get back. (2Pet 3: 12)

Imagine, what if the time traveller would have settled down in another time, believing that he was meant to be there, forgetting where he came from? Wouldn’t that endanger his own existence?


John 13:3 Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; he started washing his disciples’ feet! (Can you imagine? The reason!)

Going through the gospels I wondered why sometimes Jesus would heal a seemingly least important person and would suddenly slip into the crowds, as if giving up lifetime fame!
He knew exactly whom he had to interact with, whom he had to heal, when he had to preach, when he had to slip away and also when he had to die.

Seems absurd to me, unless you see it from a distance, He knew he came to change history of mankind (literally, not just a dialogue!). He knew any resistance to his mockers and accusers could hinder it. Doesn’t make sense in this time, only beyond time!

Christians in this time are living lives indulging themselves in power, position and penny. Even I am as guilty of it as anyone. Only if, we could see beyond time. These things won’t matter anymore.


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