The heartbreak of Christmas!

The Shopping Window Features A Fallen Christmas Tree With Broken

The news headline flashes: hotels exhibit their costliest Christmas tree worth 11 million dollars or more! And exhibition of the craziest and costliest festival of the world – CHRISTMAS is here !!

In another room, the darling daughter Kiara is wearing a beautiful dress and her room is wonderfully designed with a purple wallpaper and classy curtain hangings. On the other side,her room is decked with costly gifts from her family friends. Kiara, is lying on the bed, covering her face with a pillow so that no one hears her.

Downstairs, the lavish living room is exhibiting the antique collection of Mr. and Mrs. Stones. The room is full with guests trying to exhibit their rich taste. The chatter of the room is sophisticated hush, sounds busy. The topics ranging from fashion, beauty, antique collection, cars, books, architecture of their houses. Apparently everything they own!

Today they had gathered to celebrate Kiara’s birthday, but she’s the last one on their mind. She’s lonely and feels ignored – even by her parents. That’s the reason she has locked herself in her room sobbing. Nothing new for her. But today – today she had expectations!

She has everything she could ever have – yet she feels lonely, sidelined, ignored.

The story started in College – back in 1995, when they valued friendships (the real one!). Kiara was’nt born then. It was her mother and her best friend who attended college together. They were the thickest friends sharing each others’ dreams and sorrows. Times passed, both of them got married. Ms. Tusher went on to become Mrs. Stone – married to a multi-millionaire. Her dream was to become rich. And Ms. Walter went on to become Mrs. Wellington, married to the Wellington son next door.

Their friendships endured the thick and thins of life. Wellingtons were blessed with a beautiful daughter, but the news came that Mrs. Stone couldn’t conceive. Which made it impossible for her to face the rich community who bothered only about the superficialities of life. Seeing their sorrow, the Wellingtons decided to give their precious daughter to the Stones, keeping the promises of friendship.

This was Kiara’s birthday. After the legal adoption of the baby, the Stones got back to socializing, with time they regained their social status. Today they were celebrating the very reason, they could get back to face these painted faces. Kirara was the reason! But alas! She was the last one on anyone’s mind. They did’nt have time for her. All they cared for was their status quo.

In another room, Wellingtons were crying, as their heart broke seeing their daughter. They were the only people who knew where she was, and how she felt. Mrs. Wellington cried more as she realized – how her precious sacrifice didn’t mean anything to her friend.

Christmas is supposed to mean CHRIST – mas (celebration, carnival). Celebration for the coming of Christ – Jesus Christ. But it is about everything but Christ! Santa, Christmas Tree, red and white stocking, cakes, wine, dance. But Christ doesn’t seem to fit in this cool party huh!!

The heart of God breaks as he sees how people treat his precious sacrifice – His only Son JESUS. He gave His Son – because He loved His creation. He gave His son, for our sins. Unlike Kiara, it was a choice Jesus made to come to Earth, and be born in a manger. Apparently, He keeps promises, unlike us.

The irony of the situation!! The heartbreak of Christmas – is that God’s precious gift became a casual party for the world. Without even the mention of Christ!


Well! the story does’nt end that way. It is about people who would choose Christ consciously with their free-will. People who wont care about status or for being cool!

Wish you a very meaningful CHRIST-mas!


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