3 Little precious words


Most commonly used statement in English (also in other languages I’m sure!). But very rarely meant.


We ask this question to start a conversation or to acknowledge the other.

These are 3 little precious words that became kind of important during my stay in Jaipur. Suddenly these words carried meaning that I hadn’t known. Usually, I dodge this question with answers like:

I’m ok

I’m fine

I’m good…

But these were usually never true.

A dear friend (sister in Christ) asked me this question – I dodged this question with the usual replies. But she lingered on to know the real me. She smiled knowingly and replied – ‘I know you Gracy! What are you thinking?’

I was so surprised. Nobody could make out if I am thinking or sad or happy or worried or afraid – behind the flowery curtain of a big bright smile that I always carry. At that very moment I realized that she meant those 3 littte words.

Time and again I would meet her, sometimes more than twice in a week, and she would ask me the same question in various different ways, and when I dodged the question (which I tried to do quite often 😉 ) she would look deep into my eyes and tell me that I was worried.

I did not know her long enough, for her to tell me these intricate details about myself. But she became very important person of my life (quite soon). I started looking forward to her meeting. We never had long hours to meet, sometimes only the brief 5 minutes, in which she managed to touch my soul deep and clear.

Sometimes, I did not even get to meet her – in public gatherings. But she without fail would brightly blink from far away – conveying her 3 little precious words. These words though sometimes said sometimes not, but were always meant deeply. She taught me to care deeply even in brief moments.

Recently, I left Jaipur and stared working in Udaipur (India). But this lesson always remains in me. The 3 little precious words, hang in my memory – inspiring me to give without counting. To care selflessly.

so here are 2 little words from me

Thank you


How often do you mean your salutations? Do you really care?


4 thoughts on “3 Little precious words

  1. you are just amazing sis…..your works of art truly inspire me to view life in a different perspective….you are my inspiration….i know you have learnt soo much while staying in jaipur….and so have i from you….you helped me in matters i never conveyed to you to help…so my 2 words for you…LOVE YOU!!!
    miss you soo much yaar..

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  2. Surely, there is much to say but a few words in my vocabulary to express them; because every time I read your blogs, I learn something new. So here are my two words, “Bless you”


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