Walk with God

Hi friends, Here is an article written by my younger sister Praisy Rachel David. She is 8 years younger to me (but her writing will not tell you that!). She recently started her session in a new school and different environment. Do read what she experienced.


Psalms 116:9 says ‘so I will walk with the Lord in the land of the living’.

Recently as I got admitted to a new school, I had to walk a lot…sometimes in the serene breeze, other days under the burning sun, and on few other occasions amidst the pouring water. But one thing, that would keep me from being  bothered by the weather was the company of a friend.

Being accompanied made the distance seem short, less tiring and more enjoyable!

Similarly we all need a companion as we walk through the trails of this life. Who other than our heavenly father could be our ultimate companion?

Though the companionship of my friend may always hang uncertain but God on the other side promises ‘never will I leave you or forsake you’.

To walk with God, we need not pull on our tracksuits and sport shoes. Just walk as you are. Whether with broken heart, scattered dream or a happy soul…share everything with Him and he would still choose to walk with you….

Walking day after day with God would surely change our perception towards life, which would change us inwardly and make us stand out like stars in the night sky.

A walk with God is not always a straight road of enjoyment, contentment, and satisfaction but it also includes the paths of steep mountains. we need to remember that He promises us his strength, and therefore, we shall never stumble [Habakkuk 3:19]


As a beautiful song conveys….

‘When we walk with the Lord

In the light of His word

What a glory He sheds on our way

While we do His good will

He abides with us still

But, with all who will trust and obey.’

Walking with God requires the full measure of our trust and obedience and He in return grants us the eternal peace ‘that passes all understanding’ and promises to walk with us every single day of our life and beyond.

Would you choose to walk with Him?

God is waiting for you….

have you ever walked with God?

How was your walk with God so far? don’t be afraid to share it with others – do tell us.


6 thoughts on “Walk with God

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  2. You’ve surely challenged me. If somebody 8 years younger is writing before I do, then I think I’m not serious enough. All was perfect. The background interlinked to the real message. I can see a family of authors.


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