Waves of Change


In front of me, is a loaded truck – prepared to go to a new city! My neighbours are busy loading their stuff. Some are looking sad and the others looking hopeful.

It reminds me of a family, I was close to. They moved recently to Delhi. And also another family I frequently visit prepares to move in the next few months. And I wonder – about all this change.

God is engineering dreams we can hardly dream of.

The change of Events – I hate it! Just when you think you’re comfortable – happy – settled. The things start moving unexpectedly. And you’re again pushed out of your comfort zone. The cosy shell that you just finished making – crack it goes! It’s time to move. Time to change!

Waves of change – they appear to engulf you into worry and doubt.

So when nothing around you seems stable. When you’re wondering whether you’ll have a job next month or not! When the near future appears foggy – where do you go? Where to place your trust, faith and hope?

The fear of worst case scenario lurks around – ready to pounce on you, just when you’re weak.

Sometimes these changes – gradual or unexpected – big or small, they come to make you realize – YOU’RE NOT THE ONE IN CONTROL.

So who is?

And nothing is stable – money, position, job or close relations. They all fall apart – when you least expect them to.

For me – I place my trust in Jesus.

‘He has the Power to prevent what you imagine will happen and the power to do what you cannot begin to imagine’

So if you’re going through these waves of change, threatening you to engulf your identity, place your surfboard on the sea and your hands into the one who created the sea – God

He’ll catch you in His arms, and he’s definitely in charge.

‘FEAR NOT! Don’t be Afraid It is I’ He says



7 thoughts on “Waves of Change

  1. Thanks for encouraging through this new message
    its very nice May God help you to write many more,
    ‘FEAR NOT! Don’t be Afraid It is I’ He says
    – Anil Bhaiya

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  2. dearest sister, this is a marvellously crafted and an amazing piece of art that you just scribbled…totally loved it ….
    it is such a blessing to read your blogs…
    P.S : i know the 2 families

    Liked by 1 person

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