Eyes to see


Recently I got chance to see the forts of Jaipur yet again with my family. Indeed it is a beautiful Pink city, although it seems to be more of a scorching orange (47’C) in this part of the year.
But nevertheless, visiting places higher than your own ground, gives you a great view of the city you live in. The dwellings look small and beautifully cascading, surrounded by the lake and trees –painted for you. The magic and the splendor it radiates are worth pondering upon.
The people living down here don’t even have a clue that their lives look so magical and endearing up there. The same city where we live in day after day, in a seemingly mundane and routine life. We become so accustomed and indifferent to the beauty that surrounds us.
The thing about a higher view – it changes your whole perspective.
So the moment you get draped around mechanical living, don’t change your situation. Just take a higher view! Things might look different – magical probably.
And when you have the eyes to see – start living in the present.
Most of the times, we are too busy worrying about tomorrow or regretting yesterday- that yet another today just passes by.
We can only live in the present when we’re free from the worries of tomorrow and the guilt of yesterday. And these two big burdens can only be given into the strong hands of the one who cares for you. Jesus Christ who died for you.
‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’ -1pet 5:7 – BIBLE
Place it all in the hands of Jesus and start enjoying your present; you might get the ‘EYES TO SEE.’
Are you still carrying the worries of tomorrow and the guilt of yesterday?



4 thoughts on “Eyes to see

  1. Nice piece of write up… Grachu! Guess.. it made me rethink my busy life as well. Didn’t know I too was missing this higher perspective so much… 🙂

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