Dear God…


Dear God, You know what you give,

Journey so beautiful, a life to live.

Be by my side, as you’ve always been.

‘Coz I always need a friend like you to lean.


Dear Teacher, You are indeed the best,

Out of the way you put me to test,

Honoring me in public, rebuking in secret.

‘coz in my growth is the pleasure you get.


Dear Friend, You are a companion indeed,

Understanding me in my deepest need.

Standing by me, when all else has passed,

Consoling me when I am crossed (wronged).


Dear Father, you know what you do,

Guiding me over the blue.

Carrying my weight, even in the desert,

You lead me on to celebration concert.


Dear confidant, you know all my secrets,

All my longings are safely locked in your closets.

My pains and tears, you make them light,

Each teardrop is precious in your sight.


Dear savior, you’ve freed me from sin.

All my punishments, you took them in,

Standing in my place silently,

Condemned, smitten, and treated brutally.


Dear God, what can I give?

I give you the life I live.

In your will, by your side,

In every walk, in you shall I abide.


Have you ever felt that you can’t face this life all alone in your strength?

Surely there is more to life that what seems visible.


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