Time travel !! you’re in?

I was watching a movie about time travel – ‘Back to the future’. One of the old movies about time travelling. Mesmerised by the time travel concept, I was going through the story again in my mind. Time travel may be a hypothetical concept good enough for a movie, but not so for a Christian (I mean. Any person who has accepted Him as a personal Saviour, who has decided to follow Jesus and live like Him.)

Time travelling has a great analogy to Christian life as well. We are time travellers too! And not within time (like most movies), but through it.

We are children of a God who exists beyond time. He gives us (His children) the authority and power that He has (Luke 9:1). So henceforth, we become time travellers .we belong to a place that exists beyond time and for eternity (Heaven). So our travelling through our lives is actually time travelling if you see!

How our perspectives can change if we look to our earthly lives only as temporary, important and a risky assignment. How liberating to live like this?

Here are few lessons I learnt from the time traveller of the movie:

  1. PURPOSE: The time traveller is Purposeful He clearly knew his purpose, he accomplishes it as soon as possible, without wasting a single moment. (Jer 29:!1)
  2. FELLOWSHIP: The time traveller is in constant contact with the designer of time machine, so he does not deviate from his plan, or gets stuck. (John15:1-18)
  3. FAITH: The time traveller has complete faith on his designer and trusts him fully and obeys him. The designer saves him multiple times. (Heb11:1)
  4. SELFLESSNESS: He helps people selflessly, and looks for the best of everyone. But he rarely stops by to get the credit or reward. (Phil 2:4)
  5. HOLINESS: he keeps a safe distance. He is not affected by their ideas or believes. (Rom12:1,2)
  6. ANTICIPATION: He anticipates going back to his original time. He accomplishes the task and gets back to the time machine in time to get back. (2Pet 3: 12)

Imagine, what if the time traveller would have settled down in another time, believing that he was meant to be there, forgetting where he came from? Wouldn’t that endanger his own existence?


John 13:3 Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; he started washing his disciples’ feet! (Can you imagine? The reason!)

Going through the gospels I wondered why sometimes Jesus would heal a seemingly least important person and would suddenly slip into the crowds, as if giving up lifetime fame!
He knew exactly whom he had to interact with, whom he had to heal, when he had to preach, when he had to slip away and also when he had to die.

Seems absurd to me, unless you see it from a distance, He knew he came to change history of mankind (literally, not just a dialogue!). He knew any resistance to his mockers and accusers could hinder it. Doesn’t make sense in this time, only beyond time!

Christians in this time are living lives indulging themselves in power, position and penny. Even I am as guilty of it as anyone. Only if, we could see beyond time. These things won’t matter anymore.


The heartbreak of Christmas!

The Shopping Window Features A Fallen Christmas Tree With Broken

The news headline flashes: hotels exhibit their costliest Christmas tree worth 11 million dollars or more! And exhibition of the craziest and costliest festival of the world – CHRISTMAS is here !!

In another room, the darling daughter Kiara is wearing a beautiful dress and her room is wonderfully designed with a purple wallpaper and classy curtain hangings. On the other side,her room is decked with costly gifts from her family friends. Kiara, is lying on the bed, covering her face with a pillow so that no one hears her.

Downstairs, the lavish living room is exhibiting the antique collection of Mr. and Mrs. Stones. The room is full with guests trying to exhibit their rich taste. The chatter of the room is sophisticated hush, sounds busy. The topics ranging from fashion, beauty, antique collection, cars, books, architecture of their houses. Apparently everything they own!

Today they had gathered to celebrate Kiara’s birthday, but she’s the last one on their mind. She’s lonely and feels ignored – even by her parents. That’s the reason she has locked herself in her room sobbing. Nothing new for her. But today – today she had expectations!

She has everything she could ever have – yet she feels lonely, sidelined, ignored.

The story started in College – back in 1995, when they valued friendships (the real one!). Kiara was’nt born then. It was her mother and her best friend who attended college together. They were the thickest friends sharing each others’ dreams and sorrows. Times passed, both of them got married. Ms. Tusher went on to become Mrs. Stone – married to a multi-millionaire. Her dream was to become rich. And Ms. Walter went on to become Mrs. Wellington, married to the Wellington son next door.

Their friendships endured the thick and thins of life. Wellingtons were blessed with a beautiful daughter, but the news came that Mrs. Stone couldn’t conceive. Which made it impossible for her to face the rich community who bothered only about the superficialities of life. Seeing their sorrow, the Wellingtons decided to give their precious daughter to the Stones, keeping the promises of friendship.

This was Kiara’s birthday. After the legal adoption of the baby, the Stones got back to socializing, with time they regained their social status. Today they were celebrating the very reason, they could get back to face these painted faces. Kirara was the reason! But alas! She was the last one on anyone’s mind. They did’nt have time for her. All they cared for was their status quo.

In another room, Wellingtons were crying, as their heart broke seeing their daughter. They were the only people who knew where she was, and how she felt. Mrs. Wellington cried more as she realized – how her precious sacrifice didn’t mean anything to her friend.

Christmas is supposed to mean CHRIST – mas (celebration, carnival). Celebration for the coming of Christ – Jesus Christ. But it is about everything but Christ! Santa, Christmas Tree, red and white stocking, cakes, wine, dance. But Christ doesn’t seem to fit in this cool party huh!!

The heart of God breaks as he sees how people treat his precious sacrifice – His only Son JESUS. He gave His Son – because He loved His creation. He gave His son, for our sins. Unlike Kiara, it was a choice Jesus made to come to Earth, and be born in a manger. Apparently, He keeps promises, unlike us.

The irony of the situation!! The heartbreak of Christmas – is that God’s precious gift became a casual party for the world. Without even the mention of Christ!


Well! the story does’nt end that way. It is about people who would choose Christ consciously with their free-will. People who wont care about status or for being cool!

Wish you a very meaningful CHRIST-mas!

Home Again !


I came home for Christmas…. well not that much for Christmas, as for my own peace.The last time I know I was at peace , I was in Jaipur (where I was training) and I could understand (well almost) everything the Lord was doing. But soon God moved me to Udaipur, which was unexpected, quick and uneasy. I knew I needed to move out. But sadly I didn’t make any peace with the fact that God’s ways are higher than my ways.

Isaiah 55:8,9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways” declares the Lord

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts….”

I kept searching for ways to think that the other place was better than this one and constantly cribbing at the present. Constantly comparing and bickering. The first month was very difficult to pass by.

But God taught me that these difficult periods are only seasons, they soon pass away just like the good times.


When I was deciding to take up this job, God’s word was clear to me. I learnt from the story of  ‘Wedding at Cana’. Jesus turns water into wine. He turned the ordinary looking water into wine, He used the water jugs that probably were not used for any dignified purpose, he used servants who didn’t seem important at the wedding. But most importantly, HE DID IT IN HIS OWN TIME.

He could also change my ordinary looking job, an ordinary looking city into something honorable, something extraordinary. I accepted it as an approval that day, but never thought about it further.

And the difficult time soon passed away. I didn’t even notice. I was more comfortable, less rushed and easy-going, learning a lot. But the magic was still missing. I think I was still angry at God, thankless and indifferent towards everything He was doing. I lost the child in me. Lost the eyes which helped me to see the magic . Lost the writer who used to put it into words.

I missed myself. I missed God and I missed everything I used to have. I used to talk to Him. But it was never the same. I was spiritually dry.

So, I decided – I needed to go home. I looked back at what happened to me this whole year.. and guess what I realized?  My water had turned into wine and I hadn’t even noticed. I wasn’t even thankful about it. And It happened in His Time

So I got home. Jumped and danced. Got into the child me. Got back. Well I’m still in the process. And was reminded:

“…in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

The one thing I saw was that in all this, God was and is faithful, He was kind to me and carrying me through all of this. His love is definitely not what I deserve. It is purely Grace that I’m here.

So if you’re running in life, unaccepting something that happened to you. Get back to where you started, maybe you’ll find your answer. Maybe you’ll find your peace.

Go back! Before it’s too late.

3 Little precious words


Most commonly used statement in English (also in other languages I’m sure!). But very rarely meant.


We ask this question to start a conversation or to acknowledge the other.

These are 3 little precious words that became kind of important during my stay in Jaipur. Suddenly these words carried meaning that I hadn’t known. Usually, I dodge this question with answers like:

I’m ok

I’m fine

I’m good…

But these were usually never true.

A dear friend (sister in Christ) asked me this question – I dodged this question with the usual replies. But she lingered on to know the real me. She smiled knowingly and replied – ‘I know you Gracy! What are you thinking?’

I was so surprised. Nobody could make out if I am thinking or sad or happy or worried or afraid – behind the flowery curtain of a big bright smile that I always carry. At that very moment I realized that she meant those 3 littte words.

Time and again I would meet her, sometimes more than twice in a week, and she would ask me the same question in various different ways, and when I dodged the question (which I tried to do quite often 😉 ) she would look deep into my eyes and tell me that I was worried.

I did not know her long enough, for her to tell me these intricate details about myself. But she became very important person of my life (quite soon). I started looking forward to her meeting. We never had long hours to meet, sometimes only the brief 5 minutes, in which she managed to touch my soul deep and clear.

Sometimes, I did not even get to meet her – in public gatherings. But she without fail would brightly blink from far away – conveying her 3 little precious words. These words though sometimes said sometimes not, but were always meant deeply. She taught me to care deeply even in brief moments.

Recently, I left Jaipur and stared working in Udaipur (India). But this lesson always remains in me. The 3 little precious words, hang in my memory – inspiring me to give without counting. To care selflessly.

so here are 2 little words from me

Thank you


How often do you mean your salutations? Do you really care?

Walk with God

Hi friends, Here is an article written by my younger sister Praisy Rachel David. She is 8 years younger to me (but her writing will not tell you that!). She recently started her session in a new school and different environment. Do read what she experienced.


Psalms 116:9 says ‘so I will walk with the Lord in the land of the living’.

Recently as I got admitted to a new school, I had to walk a lot…sometimes in the serene breeze, other days under the burning sun, and on few other occasions amidst the pouring water. But one thing, that would keep me from being  bothered by the weather was the company of a friend.

Being accompanied made the distance seem short, less tiring and more enjoyable!

Similarly we all need a companion as we walk through the trails of this life. Who other than our heavenly father could be our ultimate companion?

Though the companionship of my friend may always hang uncertain but God on the other side promises ‘never will I leave you or forsake you’.

To walk with God, we need not pull on our tracksuits and sport shoes. Just walk as you are. Whether with broken heart, scattered dream or a happy soul…share everything with Him and he would still choose to walk with you….

Walking day after day with God would surely change our perception towards life, which would change us inwardly and make us stand out like stars in the night sky.

A walk with God is not always a straight road of enjoyment, contentment, and satisfaction but it also includes the paths of steep mountains. we need to remember that He promises us his strength, and therefore, we shall never stumble [Habakkuk 3:19]


As a beautiful song conveys….

‘When we walk with the Lord

In the light of His word

What a glory He sheds on our way

While we do His good will

He abides with us still

But, with all who will trust and obey.’

Walking with God requires the full measure of our trust and obedience and He in return grants us the eternal peace ‘that passes all understanding’ and promises to walk with us every single day of our life and beyond.

Would you choose to walk with Him?

God is waiting for you….

have you ever walked with God?

How was your walk with God so far? don’t be afraid to share it with others – do tell us.

Hanging there in suspense


Don’t know what to do next! Don’t know what I’m doing right now! I’m in a time when I’m totally confused what to do next. Very unlikely me! Usually I’m a much planned person and have plans for the next 2 to 3 years. And in case I don’t have any plans working out, I will freak the mess around me, google out options – day in and out, talk to elders, parents, professionals etc.. etc.. and pray hard – asking God (or rather yelling at Him) to show me the way. And only when I get my answer and plans start working out – will I rest and be at peace.[I totally believe in working hard]

But this time, it’s not me – It seems. Neither am I confident of Plan A, nor do I have any plans B, C, D, E…. And instead of freaking out – I am at peace!

(ME!) I’m not worried, sleepless, frenzied – It’s really not me, I tell you!

In the past days, God has almost always answered me, guided me, and assured me, in ways that I could find rest in Him! Ways beyond doubt.

But for the first time in my life, I have no specific answer and still I’m here enjoying my vacation! As if nothing needs to be done. Its Like God is telling me – “Do you trust me? Even in my silence”


elisabeth elliot 2

Similarly, when I was reading plenty of novels in the past few weeks, I was somehow – somewhere rushing through the pages, only to get to the climax as soon as possible.

Even though, each page was very beautifully written and equally enjoyable. I somehow missed enjoying the book – only to get to the ending.

It’s the same with the author of Life – God. He wants us to enjoy each day as it comes. Not to rush through it getting to the climax! Not just to hurry getting to the next goal – Job or marriage or whatever it may be!

He wants us to seek Him – Not just when we have questions or goals! But also in the very small details of everyday life – Even as I hang in suspense

He wants me to trust Him – Not just when things are sorted and the way is clear, but also and much more when things are not sorted and everything is in a blur!

He doesn’t promise answers But He promises His unfailing love and presence.

“The life of Faith is to be lived one day at a time, and it has to be lived – not always looked forward to, as though the ‘real’ living were around the next corner. It is today for which we are responsible, God still owns tomorrow.” – Elisabeth Elliot

[listen to : ‘breathe’ by jonny diaz]

Waves of Change


In front of me, is a loaded truck – prepared to go to a new city! My neighbours are busy loading their stuff. Some are looking sad and the others looking hopeful.

It reminds me of a family, I was close to. They moved recently to Delhi. And also another family I frequently visit prepares to move in the next few months. And I wonder – about all this change.

God is engineering dreams we can hardly dream of.

The change of Events – I hate it! Just when you think you’re comfortable – happy – settled. The things start moving unexpectedly. And you’re again pushed out of your comfort zone. The cosy shell that you just finished making – crack it goes! It’s time to move. Time to change!

Waves of change – they appear to engulf you into worry and doubt.

So when nothing around you seems stable. When you’re wondering whether you’ll have a job next month or not! When the near future appears foggy – where do you go? Where to place your trust, faith and hope?

The fear of worst case scenario lurks around – ready to pounce on you, just when you’re weak.

Sometimes these changes – gradual or unexpected – big or small, they come to make you realize – YOU’RE NOT THE ONE IN CONTROL.

So who is?

And nothing is stable – money, position, job or close relations. They all fall apart – when you least expect them to.

For me – I place my trust in Jesus.

‘He has the Power to prevent what you imagine will happen and the power to do what you cannot begin to imagine’

So if you’re going through these waves of change, threatening you to engulf your identity, place your surfboard on the sea and your hands into the one who created the sea – God

He’ll catch you in His arms, and he’s definitely in charge.

‘FEAR NOT! Don’t be Afraid It is I’ He says


Eyes to see


Recently I got chance to see the forts of Jaipur yet again with my family. Indeed it is a beautiful Pink city, although it seems to be more of a scorching orange (47’C) in this part of the year.
But nevertheless, visiting places higher than your own ground, gives you a great view of the city you live in. The dwellings look small and beautifully cascading, surrounded by the lake and trees –painted for you. The magic and the splendor it radiates are worth pondering upon.
The people living down here don’t even have a clue that their lives look so magical and endearing up there. The same city where we live in day after day, in a seemingly mundane and routine life. We become so accustomed and indifferent to the beauty that surrounds us.
The thing about a higher view – it changes your whole perspective.
So the moment you get draped around mechanical living, don’t change your situation. Just take a higher view! Things might look different – magical probably.
And when you have the eyes to see – start living in the present.
Most of the times, we are too busy worrying about tomorrow or regretting yesterday- that yet another today just passes by.
We can only live in the present when we’re free from the worries of tomorrow and the guilt of yesterday. And these two big burdens can only be given into the strong hands of the one who cares for you. Jesus Christ who died for you.
‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.’ -1pet 5:7 – BIBLE
Place it all in the hands of Jesus and start enjoying your present; you might get the ‘EYES TO SEE.’
Are you still carrying the worries of tomorrow and the guilt of yesterday?


True and Perfect Love


The title must have raised some eyebrows because ‘True love’ isn’t perfect, and ‘perfect love’ is for sure not true.

From my childhood, the stories of a Prince wooing his Princess and pursuing her – were my favourites. In the background I can almost hear my mother shouting not to believe in them. Nevermind! I secretly did believe in them. ‘And they lived happily everafter.’ Was my favourite line. I would never read stories that didn’t have a happy ending. What a coward I am!

For me, I was too afraid to venture out and try these dreams. No matter how strongly I was lured into believing them. Too afraid to let anyone break my heart and shatter those dreams – after I saw my best friend falling for it. So I secretly preserved them in my heart as long as I could.

As always I went to God with a pile of complaints and questions, saying – ‘why do you place those dreams in my heart – only to be broken some day?’

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was 8, believing that He died for my sins on that cross, taking my punishment. Since then I have seen Him as my Father, my Mother, companion, best friend, Teacher and critic. But never as a lover!

When I questioned Him – it led me to wonder ‘has Jesus ever fallen in love?’ I wondered about His love story. Yes He did fall in love – with me, not just me but all His creation.

His Pursuit: He came pursuing His creation, like a lover He pursues His beloved wooing her and proving His love. Searching for her when she’s lost and assuring her of her beauty and worth. (‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Psm139:14 Bible) – He accepts me as I am – sinful and unworthy of His love. – How charming!

His Proposal: Jesus stooped down from heaven, not just in a traditional way of proposing (down on one knee) but much more – he came down on the cross and died for the sins of the world. Now, He proposes, his creation, His beloved. Knowing that most of them will reject Him, or probably mock His love. But it didn’t stop him – How sacrificial!

His Providence: Like a Husband, He provides for all our needs, the sun, air, water, nature are all His gifts to all His Creation. But much more, He gives us also the strength and ability to work and have our being. He’s interested in all the details of our life. (He’s able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine…’ Eph3:20 Bible) – How thoughtful!

His Protection: He is willing and strong to protect us. (‘He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.’ Psm 91:11 Bible) – How protective!

His partner in dance: Anyone who is willing to follow Him, to walk in His will.
Daily He asks me ‘May I have this dance?’ Sometimes I dance with Him – knowing fully well that His will gives me full satisfaction and His leading directs me to the right path. I still falter, sometimes dancing to the tunes of worry or doubt, sometimes moving with religion or peer pressure. Sometimes, lingering around what my mind tricks me to do. And there Jesus waits, like a gentleman, pursuing me all over again. Faithfully and tenderly asking me out. –How Gentlemanly !

My expectations and dreams were not wrong! They were placed wrongly – on human shoulders, unable to bear the weight. It’s too much to ask of any man. True satisfaction can only be found in Jesus.

My Prince charming did come – He’s wooing me to heaven (The perfectly everafter life). 😉

Do you seek for True and Perfect love?

Jesus stands there patiently waiting for your answer – Will you take His hand? He’s a Gentleman – He won’t barge into your heart‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will go in and eat with him, and he with me.’ Rev 3:20 Bible.

Dear God…


Dear God, You know what you give,

Journey so beautiful, a life to live.

Be by my side, as you’ve always been.

‘Coz I always need a friend like you to lean.


Dear Teacher, You are indeed the best,

Out of the way you put me to test,

Honoring me in public, rebuking in secret.

‘coz in my growth is the pleasure you get.


Dear Friend, You are a companion indeed,

Understanding me in my deepest need.

Standing by me, when all else has passed,

Consoling me when I am crossed (wronged).


Dear Father, you know what you do,

Guiding me over the blue.

Carrying my weight, even in the desert,

You lead me on to celebration concert.


Dear confidant, you know all my secrets,

All my longings are safely locked in your closets.

My pains and tears, you make them light,

Each teardrop is precious in your sight.


Dear savior, you’ve freed me from sin.

All my punishments, you took them in,

Standing in my place silently,

Condemned, smitten, and treated brutally.


Dear God, what can I give?

I give you the life I live.

In your will, by your side,

In every walk, in you shall I abide.


Have you ever felt that you can’t face this life all alone in your strength?

Surely there is more to life that what seems visible.

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